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The party’s over, and we’re already forgetting what she looked like. Futfanatico says reality has already been digested by the Spanish metanarrative, while David Gendelman at Fair Play says we’re all already losers. At True/Slant, Zach Dundas argued before the match that the two squads embodied the two sides of soccer: control versus incident, era versus accident. Fake Sigi says it wasn’t the worst World Cup ever, just “crap soccer masquerad[ing] as the pinnacle of the sport.” And The Globe and Mail’s John Doyle enjoyed watching the upending of North American notions of sport as a series of Hallmark moments.

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The Prevailing Westerlies

South American sides are imposing themselves on the World Cup so far, says Tim Vickery for the BBC — mostly because of superior dribblers who are not “stale [European] academy products” without spark, but who come from the spontaneous genius of the street. Call it a hemispheric triumph, adds the Globe and Mail‘s John Doyle — and the death of the era of European dominance, of Zidane and Figo.