Read of the Day: The Best Manager France Never Had

Few recall the brief tenure Jean-Paul Sartre had at the helm of Stade Saint-Germain — but those who do know it as the too-short reign of a revolutionary tactician, particularly his “absent forward” formation. (Just try covering him…or substituting for him.) His “players are condemned to be free” philosophy produced some of the most creative play of the postwar era; next to it, both Barcelona and Mourinho seem demigods of bad faith. (Russell Berrisford/Fisted Away)

(Image: Simone de Beauvoir, John-Paul Sartre, and Che Guevara, Cuba, 1960. Image credit: Wikipedia/Revista Verde Oliva, 1960; Museo Che Guevara (Centro de Estudios Che Guevara en La Habana, Cuba.))

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