Well Struck: Deceptive Correlations, Card Waving and a Ball Tom Friedman Would Love

Did England’s early World Cup exit boost English tourism? Did the Jabulani make shots less accurate? Can a soccer ball boost business productivity?

Football Management: England’s early World Cup exit boosted English tourism, and other deceptive correlations

This just in: The Jabulani made no difference to shot accuracy (Touch and Tactics)

The decline, fall and remaining prostrate of World Cup TV punditry (twohundredpercent)

WSC: In defense of card-waving (sort of)

Zonal Marking’s final World Cup final analysis begins: basic shapes and pressing

Tom Dunmore on the example rugby is setting for soccer on dealing with homophobia

The history of the U-20 Women’s World Cup…now on in Germany (Tom Dunmore/Pitch Invasion)

The sOccket ball: Play and plug (Miriti Murungi/Nutmeg Radio)

James Hamilton asks: What is the connection between poverty and skill on the ball?

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