Read of the Day: US Soccer & the Course of Human Events

For the rest of the world, the World Cup is “a chance to flex their jingoistic love-muscle like never before.” Not so in the United States, where fans are often ashamed of their country and love soccer because it represents “liberated fandom…an anti-essentialist essentialism, a nationalism open to international possibilities.” That way lies snobbery, “expat fantasies and Third World exoticism” — but it also proposes a new path for the world. As long as we can avoid being all George Will about it… (Bethlehem Shoals/The Atlantic; scroll down a bit. HT: The Run of Play.)

(Image: Fans in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC before the England-United States World Cup match, 12 June 2010. Image credit: thisisbossi/Flickr through a Creative Commons license.)

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