Read of the Day: The Scapegoat

As Leviticus 16:8 (and tell us, the Jews released a goat into the wild on Yom Kippur “after the high priest symbolically laid the sins of the people on its head.” Avram Grant was that goat into the wild for Chelsea — the more he won there, the more exposed the club’s fault lines became, and the more he had to be sacrificed. “[H]e became more Chelsea than Chelsea…[and] when he left, some meaningful part of the hostility and defiance that had defined the club left with him.” Like a ghost, he still walks among us, a reminder of a more interesting Chelsea, before they purged their diabolic side. (Brian Phillips/The Run of Play)

(Image: Carling Cup Final 2008 scoreboard. Image credit: captainsticky/Flickr through a Creative Commons license.)

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